Traveling with my sister in Southeast Asia // Part II



My sister had just graduated college, and we decided to spend two weeks traveling together before she started work. We chose Taiwan and Bali.

Stay in the neighborhood of Canggu, further up the coast from Kuta and Seminyak. We rented an Airbnb a few blocks up from Old Mans on the beach, and it was idyllic. The best part is we were above a cafe and shop, and had a private pool — all for a very reasonable amount.

Eat at Gypsy, the Shady Shack, Cafe Organic and pretty much anywhere that looks delicious. We had breakfast at Gypsy every day because it was underneath our loft.

Shop at Les Basics, one of my all-time favorite boutiques and right down the street from Gypsy.

KAVU, Sunski, Proof Eyewear


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