Traveling with my sister in Southeast Asia // Part I



My sister had just graduated college, and we decided to spend two weeks traveling together before she started work. We chose Taiwan and Bali. The first 5 or so days were spent in Taipei.

Stay in the Zhongzheng District. Taipei is extremely easy to get around, and we walked everywhere — only taking the train a handful of times for further destinations. We booked a very simple, windowless hotel, and it was perfect.

Eat at all the night markets and bakery shops. Our hotel was walking distance to the Ximending Night Market, and we also took the train to Raohe Street Night Market. We tried different pastries at Magie du Levain every single morning. Dine at Din Tai Fung — it’s even better in Taiwan than in America. (We ate there 3 times over the course of the trip.)

Visit all the parks and green spaces that you can. The city has many lush and peaceful gardens and walking grounds. We also went up Taipei 101 for a magnificent view — and hiked in Yangmingshan National Park (warning: I’ve never sweated more profusely).

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